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(DNE) Washington State History 04111 #2

Lona Huck
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Washington State History Class
CEDARS Course Code 04111

Gibbs Smith Education. The Washington Journey. Ed. Megan Hansen. Layton: Gibbs Smith Education, 2010.

Setting the Stage

“To see the earth as
it truly is, small and
blue and beautiful in that
eternal silence where it
floats, is to see ourselves
as riders on the earth
together, brothers on that
bright loveliness in the
eternal cold.”

 —Archibald MacLeish,
American poet

Chapter Preview

Chapter 1

The Far Corner:
Geography and Geology

Lesson 1:
Geographic Features

Lesson 2:
Land of Many Regions

Lesson 3:
Geology of the
Evergreen State

Chapter 2

Early Encounters:
Two Worlds Meet

Lesson 1:
Natives of the Pacific

Lesson 2:
Age of Exploration

Lesson 3:
Fur Traders and

Chapter 3

Settlement of
the Northwest

Lesson 1:
The Journey West

Lesson 2:
Life and Work in
the Territory

Lesson 3:
Creating Territories


The following certificates are awarded when the class is completed:

Washington State History
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